Governance and Structure

Hampshire & IOW LTA Council

The Hampshire & Isle of Wight Council is a body of elected members who oversee and assist in implementing the strategy for the County locally.  The current members are:-

Richard Cutler
President and LTA Councillor
Lois Nash
Marc Dryden
Hon Treasurer
Jonathan Bliss
Club Rep
Jo Dallas
Open Court Rep
Jane Dow
Website Admin, Club Rep
Kris Dymond
League Secretary
Sue Espley
Ladies’ Captain
Tim Farthing
Club Rep
David Fothergill
Isle of Wight Rep
Julian Godfrey
Mens’ Captain
Michael Isaacs
League Rep
Alan Keenan
Deputy Chair, Club Rep
Billy Kerr
Padel Rep
Richard Mole
League Rep
Ashley Neaves
Club Rep
Larry Nelson
Club Rep
Charlie Prince
Club Rep
Sarah Rutherford
8U, 9U & 10U County Co-ordinator
Jenny Sayer
Safeguarding Officer, League Secretary, Club Rep
Judy Slaney
Club Rep
Harry Stow
Club Rep
Pauline Udal
Club Rep
Chris Wilkinson
County Performance Manager

Vice Presidents:  Bob Battersby, Roy Henderson, Ian Hewitt, Charles Trippe, Keith Wiseman

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